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If you don’t optimise your YouTube video, you are cheating yourself out of the great exposure and vast audience that this hosting site provides. If your audience can’t find your video, they can’t watch it.

So, here is a great guide to optimising your YouTube video.

Create an Eye-Catching Title

Once you have uploaded your video, this should be the very first thing you do. Many people don’t take the time to really think about a good title. It should be interesting to draw your audience in, but also contain keywords that you’d like your article to be found with.

Detailed Description

Succinctly explain exactly what is contained in the video. 2-3 sentences should do it. If you do a YouTube search of the keywords that you’d like your video to be found by, you can see some predictive search results pop up before you finish. Use these as the basis of your description, to find popular searches in the same vein as your video.

Use Links to Drive Traffic

Add a link to your main website or blog page to the top of the description field. This will drive traffic back to your website and your audience won’t have to go searching for a link, if they are interested. Make it as easy for them as possible.


Tags are more keywords that your video can be found through. Making these tags as accurate as possible will help your video become a ‘related video’ to other videos of the same type or topic.

The video for this post would have tags like, “optimize YouTube” and “YouTube Video“.


Choosing the correct category to put your video in is important for YouTube search. It will group your video with videos like it, making it easier for your audience to find it.

Add in the script

If you have a transcript of your video, it’s a good idea to put it into the description box of your YouTube video. While it might be a bit of work, Google search and other engines will pull additional keywords form this transcript which will help people find your video.

The aim of optimisation is to make it as easy as possible for YouTube to categorise your video for search. It might be tempting to fill in your SEO (search engine optimisation) with terms and keywords you think are popular. But making them as accurate as possible is the best way for your audience to find you.

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