7 Simple Way to Use Web Video to Promote Your Business

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Web video is an ideal way to showcase your products and services. Here are some simple ways that you can connect with your clients and prospects by using video:

1. YouTube

YouTube is more than just a place to watch web videos. It’s a search engine – just like Google. In fact, it’s the second most popular search engine on the web. More and more, people are hunting for products and services using YouTube. This is because they are not simply looking for links to websites. They want to watch videos about the topic that interests them. By uploading compelling videos about your products or services to YouTube, you are tapping another avenue to web traffic, and ultimately more sales.

2. Screen Capture

Screen capture programs such as Camtasia enable you to make a high resolution web video recording of your computer screen. Plug in a microphone and you can add audio. You can use programs like this to create web video tutorials explaining your product or service. This provides prospects, and users of your product, with enhanced service. It also gives them another reason to visit your website.

3. Facebook

Facebook offers more than simply a way of keeping in touch with friends. It allows you to create a local business page for your business. This is another avenue for you to post videos to the web about your business. It’s a place where you can post more casual or fun videos that may not be at home on your corporate website, but show the culture of your organisation.

4. Client Testimonials Videos

A good written testimonial from a client serves as powerful proof to prospective clients – a client testimonial even more so. Client testimonial videos capture how you have been able to help a client achieve their goals. It also give the ability to provide visual proof e.g. a product you created.

5. Staff Profiles

As the web becomes more social, Staff profile videos are a powerful way to show the culture and personality behind your business. People want to do business with people. Not faceless orgainsations. Staff profile web videos help viewers of your web videos to engage with you on a more personal level.

6. Linkedin

Many people don’t realise that you can upload web video to your Linkedin profile. This provides another avenue for viewers to engage with your products or services in a compelling visual way. Here is a link to learn how to upload web video to your Linkedin profile.

7. Mini Documentary

In just a few short minutes you can tell an engaging story about an aspect of your business e.g. How it started, what makes it different to it’s competitors, or an interesting story about how your product or service is being used. A mini documentary video adds depth to your website, and helps tell the story of your business.

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