Web Video Case Study: Switch Trader

In early 2014, one of our financial clients approached us to help them effectively introduce a brand-new, high-concept, and potentially confusing service with a web video. In this case study, we’ll look at the features and benefits of the documentary-style web video we created for Switch Trader.

The Brief

“We need a great-looking web video that can introduce potential new clients to both our new service, and the people behind it. This new product is cutting edge, and complex to explain. Our web video must offer its audience an understanding of our product, whilst also being conversational and concise.”

Our Approach

We adopted a documentary approach for this video. I’ve mentioned the benefits of a documentary-style approach to web videos before. In this case, this format was perfectly suited to what our client needed: an easy-to-understand web video that stands as an introduction to their product and people.

What better way to do this than to show the people behind the system?


We recorded interviews with Switch Trader’s staff, who could explain the trading system in a clear, lingo-free way. The staff – including the program’s developer, and members of the phone support team – were able to use their intimate knowledge of the product to distill all the information down into bite-sized chunks.

We supplemented these interviews with cutaways of the Switch Trader team at work. This gives the online viewers the opportunity to see the people behind the system in their working environment. This helps us to establish credibility; whilst this is a web-based system, there are real people behind it.

We used our slider to add movement to our cutaways. I’ve spoken before about how dynamic movement is becoming increasingly important in web videos, and in this case our smooth slider shots helped us to make otherwise static images visually interesting.

The Results

The Switch Trader team were delivered a web video that:

  • Effectively introduces their audience to their new product;

  • Explains how the system works in clear, easy-to-understand language; and

  • Offers a viewers a look at the people behind the scenes.

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