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SuperFast Business is an online marketing company that provides services like content creation, search engine optimization, training and website development. The training component of the company also involves an annual conference.

The Challenge

SuperFast Business wanted to grow the number of attendees at their annual conference through a web video campaign.

Online marketing is a big industry and there are now many companies out there that offer these services for businesses. The barrier to entry for these companies is very low and the nature of the Internet means that it’s easy for people to be deceived. Not all companies have the same reliability and experience so how do you separate your company as one that does? The answer is by demonstrating the depth and experience that you have and by showing people the results that you’ve already given your customers.

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For this web video campaign we set about making 3 different types of video.

SuperFast Business hosts a community of people that network and share knowledge. For their campaign we were given the opportunity to draw stories from that community and highlight its successes. We created 3 case study videos that followed the documentary format and told the story of some of the high profile community members. We chose to follow this format because that approach would counter the false promises and hype that people often experience in the online marketing industry. Having each community member tell their story, in their own words and in their own way, gave authenticity and integrity to the videos.

There was also consideration put into whose journey would be featured in the video. The subjects were chosen specifically because they had a background in ‘brick and mortar’ style businesses, not online backgrounds. This was done to widen the demographic that the video would appeal to. Viewers would see that they didn’t have to be Internet experts to start out and then become successful in online business; the SuperFast Business community is for anybody.

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The next part of the web video campaign was creating a series of 20 short face-to-camera videos from the conference organiser. The videos were to be distributed to the viewers over time, this would keep them updated and encourage them to come to the event. The videos were also tied to an automation system so that if somebody watched a video but then didn’t sign up to the event they would receive another video offering more information or a personal phone call to talk about any concerns they might have.

The videos were all shot at Manly beach behind a beautiful sunset. The conference itself is in Manly so it showed the viewers what a picturesque, relaxing place they would be coming to. The face to camera style also worked to build a personable connection with the host of the conference. By the time viewers had watched the videos that were sent to them, they’d be familiar with who they were meeting and where they would be staying. With this in mind it would be much easier to commit to joining the conference.

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The final piece combined all the elements from the other videos into a punchy video for the conference. Narrated by the conference host, it showed footage from previous years, testimonial from the case study videos and it outlined what would be covered at this conference. The purpose of this video was to build excitement for the event so through quick editing, upbeat music and some great footage of Sydney; we made it uplifting and exciting. The video also gave away more insight into the guest speakers that would be at the conference.

Results of the Web Video Campaign

By choosing the documentary style and telling the right stories we helped expose SuperFast Business to a wider demographic. People with any level of online experience could relate to these stories rather than having a narrow appeal to online businesses only.

By giving viewers information in an engaging and exciting way and by giving a sense of what they were signing up to, the number of earlybird tickets to the event also increased.

By watching the stories from some of the the members of the SuperFast Business community, viewers now have an introduction to the type of people that are part of that community. With a set of familiar faces it will encourage people to get involved.

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