Web Video Marketing and Lead Capture: Part 3

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Regular readers of our website will have noticed that we’ve spent the last fortnight explaining the finer details of the Video Marketing process. As Cheers taught us, “all good things must come to an end”, and after explaining the specifics of the Lead Capture and Lead Nurture phases in previous weeks, it’s time for us to cap-off this series by delving in to the specifics of Lead Conversion.

Using Web Video Marketing to Convert Your Leads

As a quick recap, the previous steps in the web video marketing process are:

  • Capturing leads through your website, where you receive permission to build trust with them through regular email updates; and
  • Nurturing leads by delivering a series of web videos that build and develop your expertise over time.

Web video marketing is all about obtaining a lead’s attention, maintaining your relationship through regular contact, and then driving them towards taking an action.

Think of the process as undertaking a dialogue with your potential customers. Giving them regular, high-quality information is the best way to keep their attention, and build their rapport with you and your business.

Converting leads is the final step in this process, the “call to action” stage where you move your relationship through to it’s logical conclusion – your lead making a purchase!

A quick flow-chart explaining the video marketing process

There are many different ways to supply your leads with regular web videos. But businesses of all different shapes and sizes – from multi-nationals down to local entrepreneurs – are harnessing automated marketing systems to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Using Automated Web Marketing Tools

Approaching your lead for conversion is a very important step in this marketing system. Using software like Office Autopilot or Infusionsoft means that the whole process can bubble away in the background whilst you focus on the front-end of the business.

We use Infusionsoft to ensure that each phase of this process runs on-time and automatically. Our leads are captured in to Infusionsoft, which then supplies them with our regular web video updates, and knows – based on the clicks, opens, and reading habits of our leads – when the best time to approach them for conversion is.

Infusionsoft also allows us to create a customised series of videos and follow up emails for a prospect depending on their specific interest. If your prospect is interested in a specific service you offer (for example: you sell landscaping solutions, and the client is specifically interested in corporate landscaping), then they’ll receive a different stream of web videos and marketing emails than a prospect interested in residential landscaping.

A concept of the automatic lead capture process for an architecture company


This specialisation is designed to boost your conversions, because you’re delivering relevant, targeted web videos at the right time.

It’s a new age of marketing, and by distributing great web videos via an automated marketing system, you can convert more leads and bring in more business. It’s an enticing opportunity, and one we’re continuing to build on – so check back regularly for more updates.

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