Video Marketing and Lead Capture: Part 1

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Video marketing has evolved with technology. The days of filming a video then handing out hard-copy DVDs to prospective clients all over Melbourne, are essentially over. In today’s market, the popularity and reach of Youtube and website videos is booming.

However, simply creating a video and putting it online isn’t all you can do. This 3-part series will show you how to create a targeted video marketing campaign to deliver specific aims, depending on where your leads and clients are in the sales process.

The 3 main steps that will be discussed in this series are:

1. Lead Capture
2. Lead Nurture
3. Lead Conversion

After watching this series, you will see that delivering a one off sales video isn’t the best strategy for your video marketing campaign. Having a series of videos that helps your audience to get to know you, your business and to build trust over time is far more effective . You will also be able to deliver a call to action at a specific point in the campaign that will maximising the potential response.

Lead capture is the first step in your campaign. In this phase, you are receive permission to build trust between you and the client. The best way to do this at the moment, is to offer them interesting and relevant information regularly through email. It is important for the client to give you permission to do this, so offer them something of value. This can include  important information via a special .pdf report or video series.

Take our Dream Engine Production Consumer Guide for example. At, we offer a helpful guide that contains great tips on how to choose the right Melbourne production company, as well as things to avoid. It is relevant, useful information and for a potential clients. All they need to do is enter their email address.

lead capture

Another way we collect email addresses is by using a video plugin called Leadplayer. By using this plugin in our video series, we invite viewers to enter their email addresses within in the video. By having having an email capture within a relevant video, as well as having a targeted message, such as “If you liked this video, you can receive more by simply entering your email address here”, we drastically improve our signup rate.

If you want, you can actually require a viewer to enter their email address in order to watch the video. You can have a pop up appear at the beginning of the video or even at a designated point during the video. You can lessen the blow by allowing the email invitation pop-up to be skippable, allowing the viewer to continue watching the video.

By asking the viewer to enter their video within the video itself is also a way to increase sign-ups. It’s really up to you how you’d like to approach your specific clients for their email addresses.

Keep in mind, the aim is for your clients to willingly give permission for you to send them interesting, relevant information by signing up to your mailing list.

The next phase of the series tackles lead nurture, where you will find out how to develop your relationship with clients by showing your expertise and how you can solve their problems with your products.

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