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One of our web video interviewees relaxed in front of the camera

If you’re going to be interviewed for a web video, this post will give you some useful pointers. It’s common for people to feel a little edgy or nervous about being interviewed on video. So it’s important for you to feel reassured that you are working with a team who’s job it is to make you look good.

Be Yourself

There can sometimes be a tendency to speak in a formal or official way when you’re being interviewed. Be conscious if this starts to happen, and go back to just being yourself. A web video is so much more compelling if the person being interviewed in natural and authentic.

Include the Question in Your Answer

This basically means, answer in a full sentence. For example, if the interviewer asks, “What is your name?”, you will respond with, “My name is…” That way, the interviewer can be edited out of the web video. It means that your response has more context, and that it stands alone as ‘media bite’.

One of our web video interviewees relaxed in front of the camera

Keep Your Answers Short

If you can self-edit, it means that the video production company will be doing less editing and so you will have more control over your message. On the web, audiences have notoriously short attention spans, so it’s most effective to get to the point quickly and concisely.

Do some preparation

Come up with some ideas or topics before the filming takes place. There is no need to write down slabs of text, or to memorise content. But it you have done some planning and research, you will feel more confident when the web video is filmed.


It’s best to wear something that’s not going to go out of date too fast. This will give your appearance in the web video more longevity.

Avoid wearing clothes with tight stripes. They can end up looking fuzzy once the video is compressed. Usually darker shades will look better on video.

And, of course, if you’re going to be filmed in front of a green screen, avoid wearing green.

How are you feeling about being interviewed on camera? Just remember to relax and enjoy it as much as possible. You will come across in a more engaging and compelling way.

Your camera crew is committed to working with you to make you look good. And that’s something we can help with. Contact me today to find out more.

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