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A still from one of the Thought Leadership web videos we've shot.

Thought Leadership is a great way to become a recognised expert and create more engagement with your audience. People want to learn and deal with the best. If you can establish yourself as a leader in your industry or expertise in your niche, your viewers will be more likely to want to associate and deal with your Melbourne brand.

00:56 Educate by using Thought Leadership Videos
01:35 Increase Your Client’s Engagement
03:15 Underline Your Expert Status
03:39 Stay Top of Mind!
04:01 Grow a Larger Audience For Your Business

I love the power of video production. Video can entertain, engage and move and audience into action, like no other medium. It’s this passion for video production and the obvious positive impacts on my business, that I make Thought Leadership videos weekly.

Teaching an Audience

A hurdle that I often face when producing videos in Melbourne, is that the clients have little knowledge about the process. The more the client knows about the entire video production process, the more efficient the process will be and with greater results. By doing something as simple as showing examples of my work, my clients are more prepared for what to expect and can even develop ideas to include in their own videos.

It’s far easier to explain the process and its possibilities through video than to say, provide a .pdf outlining everything, as a video will capture their full attention. You can also pack a lot of easy to understand information into a video, by delivering content via sight and sound.

Get Engaged 

You don’t have to take my word for this though. Since I have started making these videos, I have seen my audiences engagement rise significantly. Viewer engagement can be tracked easily with Google Analytics, through analysing direct traffic and ‘bounce rates’ to your website.

Direct traffic has increased to my website 400%. This is incredibly exciting and a good indication that my audience is finding my content more interesting and worth their time. More traffic means bigger audience.

“Bounce rate” is the measure of how many people visit  a page on a website, but do not click through to any other pages or content. Obviously, the more content they see and the more pages they visit, the better.

Since beginning my series of Thought Leadership videos, I have seen my bounce rate decrease from 45% to 20%. This means that a larger percentage of people are becoming engaged with my website and content, and want to see more. This strengthens my audiences relationship with my business and brand, as they become more familiar with me and my work.

Time spent on a website is also a good indication of engagement. The more time people spend on your website, the more engaged and interested they are in your work and business. Time spent on my website as gone from around 2 minutes, to over 3 and a half since beginning my Thought Leadership series. This is great news and a clear indication that my video series is working.

A still from one of the Thought Leadership web videos we've shot.

Become the expert

When about to make a purchasing decision, people are more likely to choose a Melbourne brand or business that hold high expert status in their niche. Is your business in that position?

Be Remembered

The point of Thought Leadership videos is to show your expert level of knowledge in your field of business. But it’s also to check in on your current and past clients. By making my Thought Leadership videos a series, I hope that people will remember me and my expertise when beginning their next video production and earn their business. So think to yourself, are you in regular contact with your current and past clients? Will you be in their mind in the future?

Grow a Larger Audience

We share our Thought Leadership series via the social networks. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc. While we didn’t really expect our video to be independently shared by our audience, we were surprised and thrilled to find that our viewers found several of our videos interesting enough to share with friends and colleagues. This exposure has definitely led to new clients approaching us, from in and outside of Melbourne.

I hope you have gotten some ideas and inspiration from my videos and blog posts, and see the value in the Thought Leadership format.

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