How Successful Is Your Web Video?

Measure the success of your video production

When you invest time and money in to producing web videos, you need to be able to see whether it is successful or not. This is especially important when you are producing regular content, as measuring your web video’s success can help you work out what’s working for your video, and where you can improve.

What is your video doing for you?

Step number one is to identify why you are creating these web videos. Are you making these videos to train your staff? Do you want to increase your sales? Or are you producing videos to allow people to opt-in to your website?

Once you’ve identified the “why”, you can start to measure whether or not your videos are hitting their targets.

Track your video’s view count

This is the easiest way to track your video’s success: count the number of views it is getting. This helps you get an idea of how many people are digesting your content. However, there are limits to this, as the view count itself doesn’t identify how many unique hits your video has received, nor how much of your video your views have watched.

Count your video’s CTR

CTR stands for “Click Through Rates”. This strategy involves you uploading your video to a video hosting website, such as YouTube, and then linking back to your website at the end of the video or by putting a URL in the description.

If your website is set up for Google Analytics, or if you’re using WordPress and have Jetpack installed, you can see how many people have clicked from your video back to your website.

If you take the number of clicks back to your website (in this example, let’s say “10”), and divide it by the total number of views for your video (say, “100”), you get your CTR – in this case, it is 10%.

Measure the success of your video production

Identify your ROI

Another paragraph, another acronym! ROI means “Return on Investment”. This is something you can measure if you’ve identified the specific purpose of your web video.

In this example, we’ll use a training video that aims to decrease the amount of workplace accidents.

The metric for your ROI is how much money is currently being spent on paid days off for workplace injuries. Produce your web video, and distribute it to your staff. In six months time, identify how much money you are saving for less injuries and less time off, and put this amount next to how much it cost you to create your web training video. This gives you your ROI.

Is your video converting?

One of the simplest metrics for web video success is measuring whether or not your video is converting. Firstly, you’ve got to establish what constitutes a “conversion”. In this case, it will be someone entering their e-mail address to your mailing system at the end of your video. Each new e-mail address ingested in to your system is a conversion.

If you are creating your web videos for a specific purpose, then you need to be measuring it in some way to ensure you are receiving the ultimate benefits from your hard work. For more information about benchmarking your web videos, contact me today.

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