How to Use Video to Convert Potential Sales

If only you had the time and resources to have a face to face meeting with every potential client! It’s a nice thought, but the reality is that in todays fast paced business environment, this just can’t happen.

However, the next best way to tackle this is to incorporate using video as part of your sales strategy. Stay reading, because we are going to run through some simple techniques you can use to increase your sales with the use of video.

We will cover:

  • The advantages of having a video library of reference material
  • How to use a documentary sales video to increase sales
  • Solidify and promote your Brand using your videos
  • How to use technology, such as iPads, to influence potential customers

Sales environments are constantly changing. Consumers today are bypassing the traditional sales models of face to face contact and long drawn out sales pitching by preferring to do initial research online where they can acquire details in a quick and timely manner.

So your initial step should be to start creating a library of video reference material. Start with tutorials, help videos and how to videos. These videos can be useful for the users of your products and services, but they can also enable any potential new clients to invest in your work.

Usefulness of video in potential client email correspondence  

So you’ve spoken to the potential customer and given them a proposal, now it’s time to add value and continue the dialogue by following up with emails that contain relevant tutorials, case studies and promotional videos. By doing this, you’re securing your position as an authority and providing verification of your competence to potential customers.

Empowering your sales team with iPads

Enable your sales force to easily add video into their sales presentations and meetings by giving them an iPad. Your sales team will be more readily able to access and share case studies, customer testimonials, and product demonstrations, and therefore increase their potential for sales.

Dream Engine Interview 2

Why create a documentary sales video?

These videos can help inform your audience on what your business is and what it stands for. They help create a relationship with potential customers by giving them guidance on who you are and what you do. Any chance to create a client relationship should be engaged and could also increase the potential to improve sales.

I hope you enjoyed this rundown of our simple techniques you can use to increase your sales with the use of video.

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