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If you want to make videos for the web, you might not be sure about where to start. If you are trying to make professional, high quality videos, it’s best to stick with a professional video production team in Melbourne. But sometimes it’s necessary to create your own DIY web video, such as a quick blog post or facebook video.

Here are 3 easy to learn steps that will help you improve the quality of your DIY web video.

Step 1: Audio

Audio is sometimes overlooked by an untrained or inexperienced video producer. However, if your audio is bad, people will switch off quickly. In order to capture the best audio you can, try to remember these simple things.

– Choose a quiet location. Try to record in a location that is away from any outside noise, like traffic or busy work areas. Turn off any air-conditioning units you may have and if you can, any computers. This will reduce noise and distractions in your audio, so your voice comes out nice and clear.
– Use seperate microphones. Don’t use in-built camera microphones. These are never good quality. Buy a lapel mic to clip into your shirt, or if possible, a boom mic to place above you just out of shot. Having a seperate microphone will allow you to get the microphone as close to the subject as possible.This will drastically improve your videos audio and overall quality. It will reduce outside noise and help your voice sound clear and crisp.

Step 2: Lighting

When people first start out making their own DIY videos, they might assume that average natural light is all they need. Lighting is extremely important to the quality of any video, so put in the effort to make it right.

Try to use the principles of three-point lighting. That is, one key light that is placed in front of your subject and to one side. This is your brightest light. The fill light will go in front of your subject on the opposite side of the key light. This light is a little less bright that the key light, to give your subject depth. A back light will be placed behind your subject, but out of frame, that will gently illuminate the back of the head and shoulder. This will separate the subject with the room.

If you don’t have access to a 3 point lighting system, remember these few easy tips:

  • Make sure your subject isnt between the camera and a bright light. This will make your subject appear dark in the frame.
  • Make sure your camera isn’t set to auto-exposure. It will give your video a much more professional look, as the brightness wont constantly change as you film.

Step 3: Framing

Framing your subject properly will definitely lift the quality of your DIY videos. A well composed frame is subtle, but your audience will instinctively recognise pleasing aesthetics.

To help you frame a shot, maintain the rule of thirds. Have the subjects eyes one third of the way down from the top of the frame. And the subjects face one third of the way from the side of frame, as well. This composition is the most comfortable for your audience to look at. Keeping your audience at ease, right off the bat, will help them be more receptive to any information or message you are delivering.

Make sure there is space between the top of the subjects head and the edge of the frame. Not too much space, just enough so they aren’t touching, or being cut off.

One of the simplest tips for improving your videos frame composition is to make sure your background is neat and tidy. Taking 5 minutes to clean up the room you are shooting in, and thinking about how the background looks, is just one of the small things that will add to making your video as professional as possible.

Following these 3 easy steps, will definitely help improve the quality of your DIY web video when you don’t have access to professional video production.

If you learn and follow these easy steps, the quality of your videos will improve dramatically. If you want to work with a professional team of Melbourne video producers to create the highest quality web videos available, please contact me today.

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