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This post is all about creating a more engaging and entertaining business video to grab and keep the attention of your audience.

00:37 – Tell a Story
01:07 – Keep it moving
01:26 – Tap into Emotions
02:00 – Extra Footage
02:14 – Graphics

One of the most important things about creating a successful business video, is keeping your audience engaged. If they get bored, they will switch off your video.

In order to make sure you keep the viewers attention and maximise the chance they will follow any actions you were driving in your video, you need to keep your audiences attention. Here are 5 simple tips to ensure your audience is thoroughly entertained and engaged:

Tell a story

People are naturally drawn to stories. If your video is incoherent or hard to follow, your audience will be confused and won’t want to continue watching. Story can be found in any type of video. It could be a story about your Melbourne business, a certain clients experience, or the process involved in applying your specific service.

Dynamic Movement

There are lots of different specialised tools in video production, such as dollies, sliders and glide-cams. Creating movement and interesting shots is a great way to keep your audience engaged and interested. You might take the viewer on a personal tour through your workplace or have a presenter walking through specific areas of a factory. Just remember to include movement in your business video. A video full of static shots will get boring in a hurry.

Our Glidecam Operator catches dynamic movement for our web videos

Engage Emotions

By eliciting an emotional reaction from your audience, you are far more likely to maintain their interest. One way to do this is to show the human element in your business. Create a narrative around your teammates or specific individuals around your business, so your audience can identify with and connect to them personally. This will create a personal link with your audience, to your brand.


If your video relies to heavily on interviews or face to camera shots, it will become stale quickly. Try to use cutaway’s of Melbourne locations and B-roll footage in your video, to break up the pace and feel of your video. Show the story, don’t just tell it.

Motion Graphics

Simple motion graphics can really boost the entertainment and engagement of a video. Try not to be too heavy handed though. Simple, professional graphics are usually all that’s needed to keep your audiences attention.

The main golden rule to follow is to ask youself, “would I watch this video?”. If the answer is “no”, follow these 5 tips until your answer becomes “yes”.

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