How to Script a Compelling Business Web Video

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A still from a web video that discusses introduces one of our clients and lists what problems they can help their clients solve

So you’re writing the script for a 2-3 minute web video to introduce your business and it’s services. Here is a simple 5-stage model that will help you to easily and persuasively connect with your viewers.

1. What is the problem

Identify the key problem or challenge that visitors to your website may be encountering. Pose it as a question. For example: if your company offers coaching to small business operators, you may say something along the lines of, “are you struggling to make enough sales to grow your business at the pace you would like?”

2. What’s stopping you from solving the problem

Continuing the business coach example: “are you finding that you’re spending too much time working in your business and not on your business?”

If you are familiar with the challenges faced by your market, you will have set off an enthusiastic ‘yes’ in the minds of viewers of your web video.

3. What are the possibilities

Paint a picture of how the viewer’s business would look, and how they might feel, if they overcame these challenges.

4. How you can help

What you can do to help the viewer solve their challenges. Qualify this by emphasising how you have helped similar businesses in this situation. Provide proof; e.g. names of businesses or testimonials.

5. What you should do now

Always end with a compelling call to action. Offer viewers practical steps that they can take when the web video ends to begin the process of solving their challenge. For example, “contact us on the number below”, or “sign up to our email list.”

By following the above model in drafting your web video script, and using clear, simple and direct language, you will create a persuasive and compelling web video.

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