The Changing Face of Web Video Production

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Increasingly during 2013, businesses have been recognising the value of having high-quality videos available on their websites and social media. With the end of the year fast approaching, we thought we’d take the opportunity to talk you through the trends that are developing in web video production, and how they will impact your business in 2014.

Gaining Extra Value: Filming event videos for the web

There are two key types of event videos you should consider creating for your website: those that inform, and those that advertise. Here, we’ll look at the values of both.

Educating a wider audience

When businesses host or present at corporate events, they put a lot of effort in to engaging with their audience and passing on great information. But this distribution of information is limited purely to the people attending the event.

Sometimes, people are busy during the one or two hours it takes for a presentation to be made. Not everyone can make 7AM breakfast seminars. And most of us are too busy for full-day conventions!

That’s a lot of great information that is not reaching the full extent of its audience.

But increasingly during 2013, businesses have been recording their presentations, seminars, and speeches for distribution on the web.

One of our clients, a major accounting firm based in Melbourne’s CBD, identified this problem and hired us specifically to ensure that their end of financial year shareholder seminar reached as many people as possible via the web. We recorded the entire event, cut it up in to different presentations, and uploaded it to their YouTube channel. And, since then, it has been made available to the company stakeholders who just couldn’t make it on the day.

It is a smart and simple way to make great content available to a much wider audience.

Advertising your upcoming event

Then there are advertising event videos. These are the videos you put on your website, and distribute through social media, to drum up more interest in your upcoming event.

Last year, we produced a web video for Groupon Australia. They wanted a video for their website that reflected the fun and entertainment of their G-Slam Tournament held at Melbourne Park.

They explained that they’d like to receive three lots of use from their video:

  • To send to the people who attended the event, as a reminder of the day;
  • To distribute it in the weeks after the event, as an example of a great Groupon experience;
  • To send a link to their mailing list at the end of 2013, to drum up interest in their 2014 tennis event.

Whether you are looking to educate your audience or advertise to new potential clients, event video distributed on the web is a great way to do so.

Education with a Flourish: Explain your systems with screen capture videos

The single biggest increase over the past twelve months has been the amount of screen capture videos we’ve produced.

There is a simple way that I like to explain the value of screen capture videos. I ask the client, “if you had to learn a new system, process, or program, and you had two options, which would you choose: a sixty-page PDF, or a four minute screen capture video?”

The answer is always the same!

In 2013, we’ve created many different types of screen capture web videos:
– Explaining their new intranet layout to a government department;
– Training employees at a publishing company on how to publish new documents to their web server; and
– A series of “How To” videos for an advertising company, that explains to the general public how to use their web advertising service.

With more and more online systems popping up, we expect an increasing number of our clients to teach their audience through screen capture videos. They are smart, simple, and really informative – the perfect way to make this information available to people at the click of a button!

Underlining your expertise with Thought Leadership Videos

When you’re operating a small business in Melbourne, chances are you’re competing neck-and-neck with a number of other small companies in your niche. You need a way to stick your head above the pack – and what better way to do this than to underline your expertise through a series of web videos?

I’ve spoken before about the power of Thought Leadership web videos. The point of these videos is to cement yourself as a leader in your field of work, by delivering free, informative, video content to your clients. This keeps you top of mind for when your audience is making buying decisions.

In 2013, we produced a number of these videos for clients – and for ourselves! We find it a powerful way to advertise our company on the web, and we’re confident you will, too.

Our web video trends to watch for in 2014.

So, these are the internet video trends I see developing in 2014. Earlier this year, I posted what I considered to be the burgeoning trends of 2013, and I’ll continue to do so as time goes on, so that you are always up to date with what’s new and developing in the world of web videos.

If you’re planning a web video in 2014, in Melbourne or beyond, you can contact me today.

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