Avoid the Biggest Web Video Crimes!

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You want to maximise the success of your web video. You’ve put time in to writing the script, invested money in to the production, and it’s important to get get it right – because this is your company you’re advertising!

Over the years, I’ve seen many web videos that have the right idea, but which are struck down by a number of simple video production crimes. In this blog post, I’ll let you know what these crimes are – and how to avoid getting busted!

Using old-fashioned techniques in your web video

The biggest mistake I see web video producers making is using out-dated and cringeworthy techniques. There are a lot of editing “assets” that are best to avoid: clip-art, cheesy transitions, and bouncing multi-colored text. Web videos strive for legitimacy, and when you present your audience with eye-rolling effects, then you lose credibility.

You want your videos to have longevity and look contemporary to maximise your video’s use. Remember, having a web video in the public is like having a tireless worker advertising for you all the time. Timeless techniques are the way to go; avoid trends at all costs. And keep in mind – if in doubt, in web videos, less is more!

Not being you

Another mistake I see all the time are people putting on a facade whilst on video and coming across as being inauthentic. When you are trying to get your audience to connect with you, you should be yourself. Especially if you’re using your web video for marketing purposes, to sell yourself or your business: you’re the expert, you’re the one with the knowledge, so just focus on being you! That’s what your audience will pay for.

Using either “audio” or “video”, not both!

A crime that is easy to avoid is creating “radio with pictures.”

Web videos allow you to use audio and video to market and advertise your business. Often, I see web videos that place the emphasis on the audio aspect of the production to the determent – or almost non-useage! – of the visuals.

Here’s another phrase to consider: “show, don’t tell.” People prefer to be given visual proof of something, as opposed to being told how good it is.

Outstaying your welcome

I mentioned earlier that “less is more”, and I’ll stress that again: a web video that is too long is a massive turn-off for your audience. When somebody clicks on a YouTube video, they have a myriad of other options to pursue – they’re listed right next to your video! You need to keep their attention, and by creating punchy videos that nail what they’re trying to say, you will do just that.

Ask yourself: “How long should my web video be?”. The answer is easy, and it’s another question: “how long will it take me to communicate my message?” And not a second more!

Not fitting your web video in to your marketing strategy

Your organisation wants to create a web video with a tiny turn-around. Your boss has heard that the online video market is booming, and he has an acute fear of missing out.

But there’s something your boss needs to know: if your video isn’t incorporated into an overall marketing strategy, it simply wont be effective. A one-off internet video that serves no purpose won’t bring you or your team the impact that you need; when you commission a video, ensure it’s focused – that it advertises a particular service, or product – and therefore serves a purpose.

Get out of jail free

There is a very simple way to avoid all of these problems: work with a video production company that doesn’t only produce beautiful web videos, but who will also walk you through the entire process and bring their expertise to the table. You’ll avoid all of these video production crimes – and avoid spending time in the big house!

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