Why You Should Invest in Web Video Marketing

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Investing money to market your business can be a tricky area. There are many options: adwords, paid search, web video..  you probably feel like you should be doing it all but how do you know it’ll be worth the money? Invest in the wrong strategy and you may never know if it had any impact. Worse still, when the time comes to do it all again you’ll be left wondering if you’re wasting your money and your time.

In this post I’m going to talk about why web video marketing is a powerful tool, and how it gives you measurable data to track your investment.

SEO with Web Video Marketing

Web Video Leads People Back to You

As you might know, directing traffic to your website is the goal of most online marketing these days. That’s because your website is where people will purchase your product or get in contact with you. Making your website easy to find is a big part if this, some companies will spend big dollars just to get their webpage closer to the top of the search results when people come looking.

Video can help you do this minus the part where you have to spend a lot of money.

Google is constantly updating and refining their search algorithms to make sure that when people search for something, they get genuine results. This is called ‘organic search‘, it’s not something you can pay for so it puts you on the same playing field as the bigger companies.

What this means is that if your video answers a question or serves up good information then it’s likely to rate highly if somebody searches for it. So it’s worthwhile creating a video that gives people something useful, not just a blatant advertisement.

We have clients that regularly give out great information in videos that are free to view. On the outset, this strategy might seem counterproductive. If you have great information then why give it away for free? why not sell it?

The reality is that if you don’t, somebody else will. And when they do, they’ll be establishing themselves as the expert in that field. When people are in the market they’ll come straight to whoever they view as the expert, and google will reward the expert by making them easy to find. In reality, you won’t be giving out a recipe to make your ‘secret sauce’, you’ll more accurately just be sharing your best tips. Take a look here if you want to learn more about this type of video.

Additionally, Google tries to offer up a variety of different formats when people make a search, one of those is video. So you’re giving yourself an advantage by offering it as another option for google to serve up to people.

Video Analytics


Track and Increase ROI with Analytics

You probably know that you can track the views on most online videos. With some video hosting services, you can go much deeper than this. Video hosting platforms like the service that Dream Engine offers will tell you how many viewers you’re getting but it’ll also tell you where those viewers come from and what section of your video people are watching again or clicking away at.

This is valuable data because it not only tells you a lot about your audience, it tells you what they like and don’t like. You might see that people stop watching your videos at around the 5 minute point. If your video is too long then this might tell you to trim it down a bit. Or you might look at what information you’re giving people at that point, maybe it’s not relevant to your audience.

Viewer locations could also show you something valuable. Like one of our Melbourne based clients that has a small following in China. They’ve now invested in adapting their videos for a Chinese audience to grow their customer base.

Social Media Following

Add Value by Integrating Social Media

You might have already built a following on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media platform. But remember it’s a great idea to incorporate any video content that you make, into these websites. The reason for this is you’ll not only be increasing the reach of your audience but by building a call to action into your video you could be directing traffic back to your website or capturing leads.

You’ll also give yourself the potential to build your social media audience even further when followers share your video or users start to see other people in their network watching your content.

Quick! Don’t Spend a Fortune

Developments in technology have meant that the bar to entry for making video content is much lower than it used to be. Many people still think that creating a video is something that will eat into their time and take weeks to produce. The reality is that if you just take care a few important aspects when creating a video, theres no reason it needs to be expensive or time consuming.

Having a great quality video is important for some purposes. But if you just need to only get a little bit of information to your viewers then people will be happy to watch something that’s been shot on an iPhone or a DSLR.

Lets say you just want to update people on something that’s time sensitive like a deal that’s ending or information that’s current. This is something you could easily do yourself in a couple of hours. Just remember that there are a few conventions and elements to videos that you definitely will need to include if you want people to keep watching. Here’s another post I wrote if you want to learn a bit more about making videos yourself.

If you do need something more professional then it won’t necessarily take long to produce either. At Dream Engine we have a few Melbourne based clients that require a fast turn around for time sensitive information like stock market updates, events or announcements and we’re able to provide a same day or next day edit.

So there you have my top reasons for investing in web video marketing. If you want to find out more, or you want to talk about creating a targeted strategy for your business then please get in contact with me at my Melbourne office today. 

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